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Monthly "Learn to Code" Workshop

Sept. 24, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Gangplank, 250 S. Arizona Ave., Chandler, Arizona. Map

Currently, Code Sisters offers monthly workshops at Gangplank in Chandler, Arizona. The workshops feature highly individualized help from mentors utilizing a variety of web-based teaching resources.

Who can participate? The workshop is intended to encourage women to learn to code. Men are welcome to participate, too, if sponsored/accompanied by a woman. Suggested minimum age for attendees is 14. Participation is free.

What to bring - A laptop and a curious mind. Lunch is on your own - you can either bring your lunch or visit one of the downtown Chandler eateries.

Learning Links for September 24, 2016 - Beginning Python

We will be using a free ebook and an online code environment for our first steps in Python.

Why Code Sisters?

Far fewer women than men seek careers as tech workers, even though the field offers high pay, significant opportunities for advancement, and is expected to be one of the chief drivers of future economic opportunity. Women who do become tech workers leave the field in disproportionate numbers to men. Women are underrepresented at all levels of the technology ecosystem, especially in leadership and investor roles, and as company founders.

Numerous studies seek to explain this. We aim to change it.

We seek to:

What is "Code Sisters"?

Code Sisters is an idea. It is hope for a better future. It is a belief that together we can make change.

Most of all, Code Sisters is a community of people joined together in common cause:

More Soon...

This site is undergoing active development. Expect to see more soon, including a map, blog, forums, and lots of learning resources! (Posted 09/23/2016)

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